Yes. Months back Google layed the hammer down on Squidoo for not administering punishment, or at least addressing a persistent issue of spam, and spammers. Well It seems that Squidoo is back in the graces of at least Google! I have been amazed at how simple it is to create a search engine friendly Squidoo page, that actually gets decent page rank. Additionally, new media requires social media training for employees to fully understand this type of marketing. Take a look at my personal internet marketing company lens, although it’s only got a PR of 2, it will surely rise. Often I see referral links in my logs too. You should give it a try.
Currently I have other lenses I am testing out, for example the one I created for Fairway Living Golf Communities. Their lens revolves around golf homes, golf real estate and communities in the United States, but since it is so new, I cannot give an accurate assessment. But take a look at it, I even made a neat poll for visitors to use!
While you are at it, here is another test lens very closely related to Fairway Living, it was created for waterfront communities for sale in North Carolina, Mason Landing Yacht Club! Stay tuned for PR baby!

Awhile back I posted an article on Squidoo, and the power it can provide, take a look and start your own Squidoo lens today, it will no doubt pay dividends down the road with decent page rank!

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squid_logo_h_sm No, I personally do not like squid, perhaps to use for fishing, but Squidoo I do like! What is it? 

Well, it is sort of a personal blog slash web site thingy, a place where you can place your authority information, life’s issues, products, and much more.  If you are a professional in a trade, business, or just want to rant about something, create a Squidoo account and start several “lenses”.  What is a lens?  These are essentially individual web pages that you create on a variety of subjects, focus, and or products you want to advertise. 

Honestly, It is kind of hard to tell you exactly every feature of this cool product, so below are two lenses I made for the my Internet marketing business.  These lenses (pages) are still evolving, but you get the idea. 

I would like to add that Squidoo is a phenomenal way to not only market yourself or your product, but it delivers incredible page rank, and visitors to sites that link to you, and your Squidoo page.  In fact, notice what a recent article from said about the possible SEO affects.

“One important facet of your Squidoo lens is that it could be listed on Google, or any of the other search engines, for your major keywords, and you should not lose sight of any promotional techniques that provide you with free exposure on search engines.”

I say give it a try, then ping all the social bookmarking sites (buttons appear right on the Squidoo page) You have nothing to lose, and TRAFFIC to gain!

Here are my Squidoo lenses:

Lens on Local search marketing 

Lens on Perspective Internet Marketing

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