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These days there is an ever important need to consider the environment, and I have been amazed at the amount of information that is beginning to appear on the internet. Green everything I tell you, green this and green that! But one specific topic struck me, green communities.
Yes, green homes, and eco-friendly communities, or Sustainable Communities are slowly making a presence. No, I do not mean the homes are the color green, although I guess they could be, but the materials, construction, and most everything that is put into building the home is either made, or built using green standards.
I found a great article highlighting green communities and social sites dealing with this idea.
But I have been wondering after searching the internet, where can you find green communities and home sites? Well, I did find one site called Green Eco Communities, an up-start site just getting off the ground, and it appears they will showcase these types of communities according to states. Related to this, I also happened across this squidoo lens on green communities.
Stay tuned for updates on this topic, I think Green is here it stay!

Update! I just set them up with a blog, called Green Eco Voice, it’s focus is to keep up to date on Green Community Developments. For a good summary of the future of these types of communities, this Sustainable Communities Knol does a good job at explaining this.


I was reading an excellent post talking about how to pool resources if you have multiple services, that is to create mini websites that focus only on those services or products, check out the post over at Red VW Bus.

Power Of Multiple Websites Under One Business

I would like to let everyone know we are happy to announce a new search engine marketing Blog! My brother and I are joining forces and brain power to become “fleshly” authorities in the field of Search engine marketing. The name of our blog is Red VW Bus. Why you ask? Well, go over there and take a peek at out story and find out, it’s pretty good!

You bet.  Awhile back I did a post entitled “Why Start a Real Estate Blog.”  In that post I referred to an article CNN reported on, you can read about it here.  The bottom line is although the real estate market seems a little shaky, there are still opportunities for agents to sell, re-connect with clients, and more, with a real estate blog. But in addition to this, some are seeing the value of adding VIDEO to their blog!.  Let me give you an example. Where I live here in Wilmington North Carolina, a real estate agent with the local coldwell Banker (Alex Paen Group) has a great blog going, it’s called the Wilmington Advisor  They seem to post regularly, but the articles they post are relevant to the area, they keep people informed of local events, housing markets, mortgage news, and more.  But recently they did something I think eclipses any other real estate blog in this town, they made a video…genius.

Now the video is short and sweet, but you know what?, this is the next big thing.  Videos bring a personal element, something people can see and feel. I am sure they will improve more and more just as most people are in the YouTube age.  I hope the Alex Paen Team continues to make videos, this will only help to connect existing real estate clients, those looking to re-locate to Wilmington, NC, and more.

It does, so don’t get me wrong, properly worded anchor text is critical for link building, and ranking for keywords, but recently the buzz on the internet is that Google may or may not be penalizing sites that use the same anchor text repeatedly. According to some discussions, some web sites previously ranking in position #1 for “Home Run” words, have been dropped 4-5 positions….WHY?? Stay tuned, but for now word on the street is Google is basing this action on usage data.
It seems like landing pages with too many inbound links using exactly the searched keyword as the anchor text were picked up by Google’s filter. Web pages without word variety in their anchor text seemed to be outranked.
What is the solution? I recommend the following:

1) Use different but related keywords as anchor text for links to your site.
2) Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be more discussion on this.

Yes…Web Marketers get ready; Google is expanding their Internet advertising network to the print world in a gutsy move to capture traditional ad dollars. Are we ready for “Google Print Ads”?  Read on below screenshot.

Google makes 99 percent of its revenue from Internet ads, but now is beta testing print advertising sales. Google continues to position itself to becoming a one-stop shop for online and offline marketing. This is the first attempt for Google to dabble into offline ads and could perhaps be a tremendous portal for marketing agencies to offer complete packages.

Advertising and marketing agencies using Google Print Ads can devote more time providing high-level service to clients instead of spending time on a vast array of multiple print ads within a plethora of markets, this is in part due to the fact that “Google Print Ads” is built into the Google Adwords PPC dashboard.

Let’s find out a little more about this new feature – From Google themselves!

What is Google Print Ads?

Google Print Ads is an online marketplace that makes it easy for advertisers and agencies of all sizes to run ads in newspapers across the U.S. – whether you’re buying space in one paper or a hundred.

Why newspaper advertising?

Newspapers remain a vibrant and popular medium that speaks more directly to local markets than most other media. When executed well, newspaper advertising can make any marketing campaign stronger.

How does Google Print Ads work?

Running newspaper ads with Google Print Ads is easy – you use a simple online interface to select newspapers and place bids for ad space in them. The papers you’ve selected approve or decline these bids (and give you direct feedback about their decisions). After your ad runs, you can see electronic copies of them on the page.

So there you have it.  Yes this is still in beta, but with Google’s recent partnership with DoubleClick, one if the largest digital marketing groups, who knows where Google will go?  I guess that’s why it’s exciting to be in this arena.

Ty’s Perspective..

Recently I have had requests for tips and directions on putting your local business into search products that Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others offer.  Well, I thought instead of compling this myself, my good friend and colleage at Hippo Internet Marketing has already created fantastic articles relating to this.

Please read these articles below, it’s a virtual “Honey hole” of local search info!

If you would like consulting, let me know what you need!

(Special thanks to Bryan)

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