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You bet.  Awhile back I did a post entitled “Why Start a Real Estate Blog.”  In that post I referred to an article CNN reported on, you can read about it here.  The bottom line is although the real estate market seems a little shaky, there are still opportunities for agents to sell, re-connect with clients, and more, with a real estate blog. But in addition to this, some are seeing the value of adding VIDEO to their blog!.  Let me give you an example. Where I live here in Wilmington North Carolina, a real estate agent with the local coldwell Banker (Alex Paen Group) has a great blog going, it’s called the Wilmington Advisor  They seem to post regularly, but the articles they post are relevant to the area, they keep people informed of local events, housing markets, mortgage news, and more.  But recently they did something I think eclipses any other real estate blog in this town, they made a video…genius.

Now the video is short and sweet, but you know what?, this is the next big thing.  Videos bring a personal element, something people can see and feel. I am sure they will improve more and more just as most people are in the YouTube age.  I hope the Alex Paen Team continues to make videos, this will only help to connect existing real estate clients, those looking to re-locate to Wilmington, NC, and more.


I couldn’t help but not only read this article
but I also viewed the Powerpoint Matt Cutts did for WordCamp 2007
a sort of WordPress “user & developer” conference.  I highly recommend 
anyone who writes articles in a blog to check this out, it’s not everyday you get some goodies from Matt Cutts.
Happily I have implemented many of his “whitehat” techniques, and
plugins including the Democracy poll plugin
in sites (blogs) I monitor.  In addition, he gives some fantastic tips for writing blog
articles such as creating a “controversial” poll.  One example he
noted was creating a poll about George Bush, you can’t get anymore
controversial than him?
Do any of you have any “controversial” ideas for a poll? I would love
to hear them.  Also, he suggests creating articles that generate a
list, for example “13 reasons why something sux or rules” he says.
Excellent idea.
Do any of you have your own Ideas for SEO & writing tips in Blogs?
Lets hear them!