Guess what I noticed today?  Perhaps I am the last one to see this but I am going to write a quick post anyway, and at least it will help my audience from getting bored because I have not posted in a while.

Ok, so check this  out:


This screen shot is kind of fuzzy, however you will notice under the sponsored ads it say’s “Most popular products for……..”  Below this it reveals three  (Hmm, sound familiar..Froogle) product results complete with prices (Hmm, sound familiar..Froogle).

Well, if you click on these products it takes you to MSN Shopping where has a strangle hold on these types of searches.  If you have not submitted your products to MSN shopping, now may be a good time to think about it, especially if Amazon is kickin tail in there.

Keep posted, I will be sharing more articles on local searches and how to submit to all local search features of search engines…