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We have been posting like crazy, on serious stuff, as well as corny cheap shots at each other.

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Julie In Her Pink Fishing VestShe happens to be a colleague of mine actually. I do not call her a ‘broad’ in a negative sense, this is just what she has named her blog, Broad and Reel.”. You see, her passion is fishing, yes I said fishing…with a pink vest. In fact her motto is “for all woman who fish and wear pink.” I am thrilled to see individuals pursue their passion in life through the pages of a blog, especially hers. She forges ahead in boundaries once only held by shallow thinking men, but I say press on “Broad”, show all men and woman there are no boundaries when it comes to fishing, or even wearing a pink fly-fishing vest. Check out the chronicles of her life of fishing, you’ll appreciate it as much as I did!

I would like to let everyone know we are happy to announce a new search engine marketing Blog! My brother and I are joining forces and brain power to become “fleshly” authorities in the field of Search engine marketing. The name of our blog is Red VW Bus. Why you ask? Well, go over there and take a peek at out story and find out, it’s pretty good!

squid_logo_h_sm No, I personally do not like squid, perhaps to use for fishing, but Squidoo I do like! What is it? 

Well, it is sort of a personal blog slash web site thingy, a place where you can place your authority information, life’s issues, products, and much more.  If you are a professional in a trade, business, or just want to rant about something, create a Squidoo account and start several “lenses”.  What is a lens?  These are essentially individual web pages that you create on a variety of subjects, focus, and or products you want to advertise. 

Honestly, It is kind of hard to tell you exactly every feature of this cool product, so below are two lenses I made for the my Internet marketing business.  These lenses (pages) are still evolving, but you get the idea. 

I would like to add that Squidoo is a phenomenal way to not only market yourself or your product, but it delivers incredible page rank, and visitors to sites that link to you, and your Squidoo page.  In fact, notice what a recent article from said about the possible SEO affects.

“One important facet of your Squidoo lens is that it could be listed on Google, or any of the other search engines, for your major keywords, and you should not lose sight of any promotional techniques that provide you with free exposure on search engines.”

I say give it a try, then ping all the social bookmarking sites (buttons appear right on the Squidoo page) You have nothing to lose, and TRAFFIC to gain!

Here are my Squidoo lenses:

Lens on Local search marketing 

Lens on Perspective Internet Marketing

(View a recent article on (getting page rank with Squidoo)

Recently a friend and colleague returned from Las Vegas where he attended Blog World Expo. It was very interesting to hear his summary of the event, and it appears that Blogging is here to stay…..However…., he did say that social media continues to change into whats called “New Media”. It’s is here to stay and will grow in popularity.
I have found that more and more people are wanting to delve into the world of blogging simply because it gives their audience or clients a “human” aspect, where they can actually interact with people. One such example is a client of mine that owns the local Budget Blinds in Wilmington, NC. I have set him up with a brand new “media” toy, a blog! He intends to give candid posts about the blind business such as cleaning tips, trends in decorating, reviews and more. Here is the link to his new blog, check it out and please spread the word!

Also, let me provide the link to Corey’s summary of the Blog expo, I think you’ll like it.

I couldn’t help but not only read this article
but I also viewed the Powerpoint Matt Cutts did for WordCamp 2007
a sort of WordPress “user & developer” conference.  I highly recommend 
anyone who writes articles in a blog to check this out, it’s not everyday you get some goodies from Matt Cutts.
Happily I have implemented many of his “whitehat” techniques, and
plugins including the Democracy poll plugin
in sites (blogs) I monitor.  In addition, he gives some fantastic tips for writing blog
articles such as creating a “controversial” poll.  One example he
noted was creating a poll about George Bush, you can’t get anymore
controversial than him?
Do any of you have any “controversial” ideas for a poll? I would love
to hear them.  Also, he suggests creating articles that generate a
list, for example “13 reasons why something sux or rules” he says.
Excellent idea.
Do any of you have your own Ideas for SEO & writing tips in Blogs?
Lets hear them!

Lets say you want to start a real estate blog in Wilmington, NC, where do you start?  Well the following goes for any town, city or province you wish to do so.  First of all, I am sure the agency you work for (Unless you own it) will have some sort of protocol to follow.  Next, I have noticed many real estate agents have their own template type sites with a blog integration system, so you may want to see if your company offers this service. 

Since I enjoy giving “A Perspective”, here it goes regarding integrated blogs….. I don’t like them.  Why?  Well, half the time they are buried in the site, real estate agents don’t market this feature, and if the blog link does not have easy access to the search engines, they will not get easily indexed.  In addition, you are creating two completely different portals on one domain.  From an Internet marketing perspective, I personally do not recommend it.  To have a successful real estate blog, you need to have a separate domain, and be able to customize this blog for agents.  So what service should I use?

For a great free service and immediate posting, try WordPress.  The only drawback to this free service, is that you are limited to options you can utilize.  If you are fond of the king of search engines, you can use Google’s Blogger

Next comes the services that charge you.  For around $5.oo per month, TypePad is a great alternative for more flexibility than the above.  Finally, being that real estate blogs I feel are here to stay and are going to be a value added service, I highly recommend spending the money to get a comprehensive Blogging service that is designed specifically for real estate agents called……. Stay tuned, I’ll tell you soon in part 3.

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