These days there is an ever important need to consider the environment, and I have been amazed at the amount of information that is beginning to appear on the internet. Green everything I tell you, green this and green that! But one specific topic struck me, green communities.
Yes, green homes, and eco-friendly communities, or Sustainable Communities are slowly making a presence. No, I do not mean the homes are the color green, although I guess they could be, but the materials, construction, and most everything that is put into building the home is either made, or built using green standards.
I found a great article highlighting green communities and social sites dealing with this idea.
But I have been wondering after searching the internet, where can you find green communities and home sites? Well, I did find one site called Green Eco Communities, an up-start site just getting off the ground, and it appears they will showcase these types of communities according to states. Related to this, I also happened across this squidoo lens on green communities.
Stay tuned for updates on this topic, I think Green is here it stay!

Update! I just set them up with a blog, called Green Eco Voice, it’s focus is to keep up to date on Green Community Developments. For a good summary of the future of these types of communities, this Sustainable Communities Knol does a good job at explaining this.