March 2008

Julie In Her Pink Fishing VestShe happens to be a colleague of mine actually. I do not call her a ‘broad’ in a negative sense, this is just what she has named her blog, Broad and Reel.”. You see, her passion is fishing, yes I said fishing…with a pink vest. In fact her motto is “for all woman who fish and wear pink.” I am thrilled to see individuals pursue their passion in life through the pages of a blog, especially hers. She forges ahead in boundaries once only held by shallow thinking men, but I say press on “Broad”, show all men and woman there are no boundaries when it comes to fishing, or even wearing a pink fly-fishing vest. Check out the chronicles of her life of fishing, you’ll appreciate it as much as I did!


I was reading an excellent post talking about how to pool resources if you have multiple services, that is to create mini websites that focus only on those services or products, check out the post over at Red VW Bus.

Power Of Multiple Websites Under One Business