Recently a friend and colleague returned from Las Vegas where he attended Blog World Expo. It was very interesting to hear his summary of the event, and it appears that Blogging is here to stay…..However…., he did say that social media continues to change into whats called “New Media”. It’s is here to stay and will grow in popularity.
I have found that more and more people are wanting to delve into the world of blogging simply because it gives their audience or clients a “human” aspect, where they can actually interact with people. One such example is a client of mine that owns the local Budget Blinds in Wilmington, NC. I have set him up with a brand new “media” toy, a blog! He intends to give candid posts about the blind business such as cleaning tips, trends in decorating, reviews and more. Here is the link to his new blog, check it out and please spread the word!

Also, let me provide the link to Corey’s summary of the Blog expo, I think you’ll like it.