I couldn’t help but not only read this article
but I also viewed the Powerpoint Matt Cutts did for WordCamp 2007
a sort of WordPress “user & developer” conference.  I highly recommend 
anyone who writes articles in a blog to check this out, it’s not everyday you get some goodies from Matt Cutts.
Happily I have implemented many of his “whitehat” techniques, and
plugins including the Democracy poll plugin http://blog.all-spec.com/?p=94
in sites (blogs) I monitor.  In addition, he gives some fantastic tips for writing blog
articles such as creating a “controversial” poll.  One example he
noted was creating a poll about George Bush, you can’t get anymore
controversial than him?
Do any of you have any “controversial” ideas for a poll? I would love
to hear them.  Also, he suggests creating articles that generate a
list, for example “13 reasons why something sux or rules” he says.
Excellent idea.
Do any of you have your own Ideas for SEO & writing tips in Blogs?
Lets hear them!