It’s not too easy but I have found a way with a little help from headquarters. 

A client of mine owns the local Budget Blinds in Wilmington, North Carolina, and pretty much corporate headquarters controls most if not all SEO, PPC and traditional print / TV ads. 

Recently this company did begin “modern” search engine optimization within their site by restructuring their URLs from dynamic to static ones, this is the best move they could have done from a search engine perspective, they also submitted a sitemap feed to the new Sitemap’s initiative (  Awesome!

Here lies the problem, most of the readable (text) portions of the site are still controlled dynamically and pre-determined according to the city of the franchise including the most important tags of all, the Title and meta description tags!

The problem with this clients site was that the program that fills these fields (Title & Meta) do not include the state, nor the abbreviation of the state of the franchise location which gives search engines no relevancy to searches. 

For example, if you were to search for “window coverings Wilmington, NC” my clients Web site would not stand a chance at showing up organically above the fold because just think of how many “Wilmington’s” there are?  True, search engines do track IP addresses, however without the “NC” or “North Carolina” in the tags, the chances of their site being above the fold is not good.  Well, guess what?  We actually spoke with the person in charge of Budget Blind’s IM, and it appears they listened to us!  The letters “NC” now appear after “Wilmington”.. One victory, and he is already yielding top 5 organic results in Yahoo.

The next trick was to find out how to tweak the meta description tag because corporate told us it could not be done!.  HA! Well, after a little experiment, we soon realized that by changing a certain field that can be edited by the franchise owner, this dynamically changed the meta descrip tag!  Woo Hoo!

Now the challenge was to sprinkle keywords and phrases into the content or “copy” which had previously not been possible, or at least didn’t know he could do this.  The owner found out he was able to login and customize up to 5 marketing paragraphs to his choosing, so bingo!  I suggested he take advantage of this by distributing keywords and phrases I determined from keyword research and PPC logs, such as Bamboo blinds, window treatments, window coverings Wilmington, NC etc.. at a keyword density level of 2 mentions of the keywords per 100 words of body throughout these customizable sections.  It is working…So far Yahoo has been kind to him but Google wants to check them out a little more.

He also adjusted the “Coupon” tab ad copy, so now he can customize monthly specials with keywords in them as well!  There are other white hat tricks I implemented, but hey I can’t give out all my secrets!

In summary, if you own a franchise that includes a web site, make sure you are fully aware of every editable portion of it, if you don’t know call corporate, do keyword research and then find ways to add this research into your Title & Meta Tags, and ad copy.  It’s that easy!  If you need help, drop me an email.

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