What is Google doing now?  2 Things:

 First,  have any of you noticed this change to Google’s sponsored ad background color?  It seems that Google has settled on this soothing yellow/pale color.  As we all know, Google is always testing something and I have been noticing the background color changing the past few weeks from it’s normal blue.

I must admit, I do like this color a bit better.  Obviously they are doing this (my perspective) for a number of reasons such as less dilution or separation to the eye between sponsored and organic listings.



Second, just read an excerpt from Google’s blog regarding the actual search box, this could really impact CTR:

we’ve modified what counts as a click in this box to be consistent with what counts as a click for the ads on the right hand side. Instead of clicking anywhere in the box, users now need to click on the link in the top line of an ad in order to be taken to an advertiser’s site. Together, these changes help decrease the likelihood that a user will unintentionally click on an ad, while making our highest quality ads more visible.

I would love to hear your feedback about these two new features of Google sponsored ads, for a change give me your perspective….