Results have come in for the weeks ending in Februaury 2007, and it looks good for Google, so so for the others….  Initial reports are that as a result of loss of Microsoft live, Google & Yahoo have positive changes, however Google went up alomost a complete percentage.  At this rate, Google will have 70% share of searches by the end of the year!!

Can anyone compete with this Behemoth!


Hitwise US – Leading Search Engines – February, 2007

This list features the top 4 leading search engines based on US Internet usage, ranked by volume of searches for the 4 weeks ending February 24, 2007.

Rank      Search Engine         Volume                  (Change from January 2007)

1.             63.90%                   +0.8%

2.          21.47%                    +0.1%

3.                8.81%                      -0.1%

4.                      3.52%                     0.0%

Source – Hitwise – February, 2007 – based on volume of searches.