March 2007

Well, do you? 

I guess it’s about time I wrote a non-internet marketing post for my big brother.  You see, he operates an e-commerce web site selling bow ties,  It appears he is doing very well!  I will be performing SEO and Pay Per Click managment for him in the future, so perhaps this will prove to be a niche market for him that will prove to be lucrative.

If you guys thought bowties were a thing of the past, your wrong!  Actually they are gaining more and more notoriety among young professionals and casual “metro” type men and women!  If you want to keep up on the latest Bow tie news and trends, visit his bow tie

If you visit his blog, tell him I said hello…..while your at it, buy a bow tie!


Results have come in for the weeks ending in Februaury 2007, and it looks good for Google, so so for the others….  Initial reports are that as a result of loss of Microsoft live, Google & Yahoo have positive changes, however Google went up alomost a complete percentage.  At this rate, Google will have 70% share of searches by the end of the year!!

Can anyone compete with this Behemoth!


Hitwise US – Leading Search Engines – February, 2007

This list features the top 4 leading search engines based on US Internet usage, ranked by volume of searches for the 4 weeks ending February 24, 2007.

Rank      Search Engine         Volume                  (Change from January 2007)

1.             63.90%                   +0.8%

2.          21.47%                    +0.1%

3.                8.81%                      -0.1%

4.                      3.52%                     0.0%

Source – Hitwise – February, 2007 – based on volume of searches.

This week we had a special treat, I received a little “link Love” from perhaps one of the most influential Internet gurus on earth, Matt Cutts – Google’s chief software engineer & head of the Google’s Webspam team.

Yes, Matt Cutts actually found my blog and linked to me!  Sweet..

I highly recommend all of you to bookmark Matt’s blog, it’s a rare chance to get “under the hood” of Google, although this site is totally his own perspective.

He referred to my articles  on Yahoo Panama Issues, migrating Google adwords into Yahoo’s platform in particular.  Take a look at his article, he discussess ways that Google lets you access your data.

Thanks again Matt..

Results are rolling in and it appears that Yahoo’s Panama platform is delivering as promised, and I have to say for our business our ad performance has increased tremendously.  Our click thru rates are up 2-4%, some even higher.

Take a look at the ComScore press release that highlights the “pre-lim” results

Last week, we saw results from Avenue A | Razorfish that supported this.  Now we may not be as big as these companies, but take a look at these agency’s clients:

  •  Impressions were up an average of 5 percent.
  • Cost per click (CPC) prices were down an average of 6 percent.
  •  Clickthrough rates up an average of 10 percent.

Also, take a look at what SearchEngineWatch had to say about this news:

This week, we have similar early returns from search and media management firm SearchIgnite and RBC Capital Markets’ research arm. A study of results from clients of SearchIgnite, and sister firm 360i showed that Yahoo’s market share among those advertisers stabilized after Panama launched, ending a steady decline for the past year. It also found that clickthrough rates improved since Panama’s launch, while cost-per-click has held steady.

That’s all for now, again this is jusy my “Perspective”………………..

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