Well, I have completed the integration of our Google Adwords campaigns into the new Yahoo Panama platform, however it was not flawless like I had hoped.  The good news of the “migration” is that the campaigns transformed wonderfully, complete with broad match, geo, 70 character limits in the description yadda, yadda.  The bad news?  Yahoo converted these campaigns with sporadic quotation marks in the descriptions.  Also they imported my Google ad description into Yahoo’s long description which left the short description field blank?

Here is what I had to do, and what I recommend. 

  1. I had to have my assistant help me physically filter through all our newly converted campaigns in Yahoo and backspace the quotes.  I then had to copy and paste the long description into the short description field, I will have to find out the benefits of the long description later… 
  2. Although Yahoo did a great job in copying my Google ads into 70 characters, I still had to review all the campaigns to assure the ad copy made sense and complied with the new ad ranking system, keywords etc..

I highly recommend that BEFORE you have them convert the XML file, you go through this spreadsheet first, find errors if any, such as the quotes and missing short description fields, then send it back to them.  By the way, if you choose to have Yahoo help you, they will send you this file (That you sent them), and they will give you time to inspect and make changes to this spreadsheet, then re-send it to them for importing, this was my mistake!  I should have looked at ALL the campaigns.

In addition, they will obviously convert these new campaigns at the highest PPC and rank, so you need to watch closely all your campaigns when they are live and adjust as you go.  Be careful also with some of your keywords, and campaign groups because Yahoo’s content match program is a little different than Google, I realized this when one of our newly converted campaigns generated over $1,000.00 in clicks in two days.  I had to stop our campaigns immediately, but this goes to show that you really need to watch closely these new ads, and don’t convert and make live these new ads on the weekend, but during normal hours so that you can monitor them.

For more information on initial issues with Yahoo Panama, see my first post entitled “Google Import Issues With Yahoo Panama“.