Lets say you want to start a real estate blog in Wilmington, NC, where do you start?  Well the following goes for any town, city or province you wish to do so.  First of all, I am sure the agency you work for (Unless you own it) will have some sort of protocol to follow.  Next, I have noticed many real estate agents have their own template type sites with a blog integration system, so you may want to see if your company offers this service. 

Since I enjoy giving “A Perspective”, here it goes regarding integrated blogs….. I don’t like them.  Why?  Well, half the time they are buried in the site, real estate agents don’t market this feature, and if the blog link does not have easy access to the search engines, they will not get easily indexed.  In addition, you are creating two completely different portals on one domain.  From an Internet marketing perspective, I personally do not recommend it.  To have a successful real estate blog, you need to have a separate domain, and be able to customize this blog for agents.  So what service should I use?

For a great free service and immediate posting, try WordPress.  The only drawback to this free service, is that you are limited to options you can utilize.  If you are fond of the king of search engines, you can use Google’s Blogger

Next comes the services that charge you.  For around $5.oo per month, TypePad is a great alternative for more flexibility than the above.  Finally, being that real estate blogs I feel are here to stay and are going to be a value added service, I highly recommend spending the money to get a comprehensive Blogging service that is designed specifically for real estate agents called……. Stay tuned, I’ll tell you soon in part 3.