We get asked this question quite often. With so many sites and sources on social and digital strategies, where do you go? Well, we have a few good sources to assist you in this “needle in a haystack” digital world wide web. First, for education and social media training, we recommend tapping into SayItSocial. They are among the leaders in this type of training, from small businesses to enterprise employee training. Next, they have  two sister sites that discuss social business training and how internet marketing fits into search engine marketing with a digital social strategy. These sites are RedVwBus.com and PerspectiveIM.com.

Of course for a broad range of topics on social media, trends, updates etc, visit Mashable.com for a super deep look into an amazing plethora of social media resources.

Can you think of any? Please leave comments!


These days there is an ever important need to consider the environment, and I have been amazed at the amount of information that is beginning to appear on the internet. Green everything I tell you, green this and green that! But one specific topic struck me, green communities.
Yes, green homes, and eco-friendly communities, or Sustainable Communities are slowly making a presence. No, I do not mean the homes are the color green, although I guess they could be, but the materials, construction, and most everything that is put into building the home is either made, or built using green standards.
I found a great article highlighting green communities and social sites dealing with this idea.
But I have been wondering after searching the internet, where can you find green communities and home sites? Well, I did find one site called Green Eco Communities, an up-start site just getting off the ground, and it appears they will showcase these types of communities according to states. Related to this, I also happened across this squidoo lens on green communities.
Stay tuned for updates on this topic, I think Green is here it stay!

Update! I just set them up with a blog, called Green Eco Voice, it’s focus is to keep up to date on Green Community Developments. For a good summary of the future of these types of communities, this Sustainable Communities Knol does a good job at explaining this.

Yes. Months back Google layed the hammer down on Squidoo for not administering punishment, or at least addressing a persistent issue of spam, and spammers. Well It seems that Squidoo is back in the graces of at least Google! I have been amazed at how simple it is to create a search engine friendly Squidoo page, that actually gets decent page rank. Additionally, new media requires social media training for employees to fully understand this type of marketing. Take a look at my personal internet marketing company lens, although it’s only got a PR of 2, it will surely rise. Often I see referral links in my logs too. You should give it a try.
Currently I have other lenses I am testing out, for example the one I created for Fairway Living Golf Communities. Their lens revolves around golf homes, golf real estate and communities in the United States, but since it is so new, I cannot give an accurate assessment. But take a look at it, I even made a neat poll for visitors to use!
While you are at it, here is another test lens very closely related to Fairway Living, it was created for waterfront communities for sale in North Carolina, Mason Landing Yacht Club! Stay tuned for PR baby!

Awhile back I posted an article on Squidoo, and the power it can provide, take a look and start your own Squidoo lens today, it will no doubt pay dividends down the road with decent page rank!

View a past article on creating a Squidoo lens.

Also, have you taken a look at our newest Internet Marketing Client? Check out our web marketing portfolio of clients!

If there were ever any questions as to the effectiveness of press releases, take a look at this. The national and local Budget Blinds website received a new site design, so the Wilmington Budget Blinds issued a press release announcing this. Well, not only does this PR appear for local results with a variety of phrases, but it also appears on page two for the primo phrase, “Budget Blinds”. Who knows, this release could move on up in the ranks and sit right next to the corporate site….
Why not try a press release, they work!

Red Vw Bus Blog PictureCmon, if you haven’t had a chance to peek at our new Blog, ‘Red VW Bus’ then go over there and look.
We have been posting like crazy, on serious stuff, as well as corny cheap shots at each other.

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Julie In Her Pink Fishing VestShe happens to be a colleague of mine actually. I do not call her a ‘broad’ in a negative sense, this is just what she has named her blog, Broad and Reel.”. You see, her passion is fishing, yes I said fishing…with a pink vest. In fact her motto is “for all woman who fish and wear pink.” I am thrilled to see individuals pursue their passion in life through the pages of a blog, especially hers. She forges ahead in boundaries once only held by shallow thinking men, but I say press on “Broad”, show all men and woman there are no boundaries when it comes to fishing, or even wearing a pink fly-fishing vest. Check out the chronicles of her life of fishing, you’ll appreciate it as much as I did!

I was reading an excellent post talking about how to pool resources if you have multiple services, that is to create mini websites that focus only on those services or products, check out the post over at Red VW Bus.

Power Of Multiple Websites Under One Business